So what is this blog all about? In simplest terms, it’s about me. My life as a writer and a student. My life as a Canadian, a woman, a young adult, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. In other words, my hope for this blog is just to get myself out on…er… paper (so to speak).

Let me list a few factors I intend to talk about here:

1. The random events that happen in my life. The good, the bad, and the ones that just don’t seem to make any sense at all.

2. Epiphanies. Thoughts that jump into my head or little connections that I make in my life that I feel the need to share with the world.

3. Images. I like to draw, make (attempt at) sketches, paint, write (scribble nonsense), and take pictures (although this doesn’t happen very often).

4. And anything else. This is the most easy-going, random blog I can think of. The only thing you won’t find here are my webcomic reviews. You also won’t find any real names of people here. You’ll only find names that I use to protect people’s privacy, and I hope to come up with some crazy names that suit their personalities. It’ll be fun. For me, anyway.

Updates will happen whenever I feel like it and can be as long as a novel, or as short as my finger nails (practically non-existent). I’m not making this blog for the sake of other people, I’m writing for the sake of writing. This is entirely for my own pleasure. If you want to follow my blog, awesome, I appreciate it and I won’t deny it feels good to know people care. But if you decide you don’t like my ramblings, that is fine by me. Enjoy life where you can and take pleasure in the things you love. Don’t waste time on something because you hope something good might come of it. Spend time on something you know will bring you joy.

So without further ado (but with further future ado’s because I don’t know when the next post will be), welcome to my blog, Sentimental Beings!


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