Day 77: Testament

A testament to his youthfulness is what I say. I do, I really do. I mean, I certainly wouldn’t have gone through with it, not at my age at least. No, sir. Golly, he certainly does have a young spirit. Look at him go. No, no. He’ll be fine. Yes, why, just look at him! The boy has some balls, that’s for sure. Oh, yes, my apologies. I should really watch my French. Is what true? Oh, that the French must swear a lot? Ha, well from the few French Canadians I know it certainly is true. My gosh they have the mouths of sailors. Now, that one makes sense. Have you met a sailor? By golly, it doesn’t end. Its just a stream of French. Look at that. I’ve confused myself now. Do the French swear like sailors, too? What a strange world we live in. Oh, look at him go! That kid truly has some spunk, he really does.


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